Statement : Middle Child

As an androgynous person sometimes I am perceived as male, sometimes I am seen as female. This read is based on subtle cues: depending on my hairstyle, clothes, posture, mannerisms, and company, there are assumptions that people make about my personality, capabilities, orientation, and interests.

For this show I've made a series images of myself as different genders to show that the things we see as inherently masculine or feminine are arbitrary. I can affect my appearance to look more like a standard man or woman, but what do these appearances mean if I can occupy all of them from a single body? What assumptions am I inviting by making particular aesthetic decisions? And what exactly separates me from my sister and brother, or my mom and dad?


Composite images and videos for this series were created using JPsychomorph. This facial analysis software calculates intermediary images using manual data point entry for two or more source images.